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Russia and China tighten ties with Putin’s visit to Shanghai

According to Putin, he and the Chinese leader discussed bilateral issues and key international topics before they were joined by their countries’ delegations.

“Our countries have accomplished an enormous amount of joint work to reach this new historic landmark – a comprehensive partnership and strategic cooperation. China has gained a firm foothold as our main trade partner,” the Russian president said. Mutual trade between Russia and China grew by 2% to $90 billion in 2013 year-on-year, he said.

This positive tendency has persisted, and the two countries’ trade increased by more than 2% in the first quarter of 2014, Putin said.

“If we manage to maintain this pace, the level of bilateral trade will reach $100 billion by 2015, and we will go on further confidently,” he said.

“Russian-Chinese cooperation has become a crucial factor of international stability. Our cooperation on the platform of the UN and other international organizations is becoming increasingly important. And we will continue to contribute to the development of regional ties, including within the SCO [Shanghai Cooperation Organization],” the Russian leader said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in China on a two-day official visit. Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov told reporters that the president would hold talks in Shanghai on Tuesday with Chinese President Xi Jinping and on Wednesday would attend a summit of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA).

A separate meeting of Putin with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is also planned. “The sides intend to exchange views on all important international issues, including on the situation in Ukraine,” Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov told TASS.

China is Russia’s main trade partner. In 2013, the bilateral trade reached a record high level of 88.8 billion US dollars (1.7-percent increase from the 2012 level). In the first quarter of 2014, the growth of this indicator continued and reached 2.2%.

Russia, China moving towards strategic energy alliance – President Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he believes the contract for the supply of gas to China will enable Russia to diversify its pipeline routes and will help China reduce its energy deficit. “We are consistently moving towards the formation of a strategic energy alliance,” Putin said. Simultaneously, “active work is being done to reduce the dependence of bilateral trade on external economic factors.”

“The agreements on the export of Russian natural gas to China are in a high degree of readiness. Their implementation will mean diversification of pipeline routes of gas supply for Russia and will help our Chinese partners reduce their energy deficit and boost environmental security by using ‘pure’ fuel,” Putin said in an interview with the leading Chinese media before his visit to China.

Having pointed out the successful energy cooperation between Russia and China, Putin recalled the implementation of a large-scale project for supplying crude oil to China via the Skovordino-Mohe pipeline, which is worth over $60 billion.

The visit of Vladimir Putin to China is aimed at further development of high-level relations between China and Russia, deems the former Chinese Ambassador to Russian Federation Lu Guchan.

Lu Guchan stresses that Washington is making efforts to limit Russian geostrategic areas in the West and undermine the further development of the Russian state. And on the other hand the White House is trying to constrain the Chinese power and its influence in the East, establishing political and military alliances with Japan and other Asian countries. Thus, China and Russia should strengthen mutual collaboration in the face of new geopolitical challenges, he emphasized.


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